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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Yvonne Achieng of www.haiya.co.uk writes
Mombasa-Coastal songbird Nyota Ndogo (Mwanaaisha Abdala Mohamed) is set to release a new and fourth album next month.
Speaking in Mombasa over the weekend, the songstress said she is still working on the new album that will share name with her most current song, Mama Wa Kambo.
The 27-year-old mother of one is back in the country from Zanzibar where she had gone to stage some performances.
In relation to that, the song writer cum singer has refuted claims by some local media that she might be relocating to Zanzibar.
“I have no plans of moving to Zanzibar, I only went there to work. Last time when I had lots of work in Nairobi, rumour started going round that I was relocating to Nairobi yet I wasn’t”, she clarified.
Nyota whose hobbies include cooking, chatting and listening to music has revealed that she is managing a two month old music band of five people most of whom are youths poached from other bands.
According to her, the band has staged performances five times in Mombasa and Nairobi.
“I no longer need to hire a band whenever I am asked to stage a show that requires one”, she said.
She also disclosed plans to visit Mji Wa Salama Childrens Home In Mombasa and deliver some of the basic requirements to the children as soon as she acquires enough funds for that.
Her last charity event was in 2006 when she invited\several local artists to the same home.
The artist who has been in the music industry for more than four years is a holder of two Kisima Awards; Best Taarab singer in 2003 and Best female singer in 2005.
She has also featured in three international compilations; World 2003, The Rough Guide to Kenya and Off The Beaten Track.


Blogger Barman said...

I believe you can do better and praised like no other celebrity. Mtoto wa kiswahili haki wewe ni gwiji lakini tu Kenya yetu haipeani nafasi ya kuupanchi. But i believe you are the best lady singer. You need more internet marketing to get high i.e international contracts.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous paola said...

Hi, my names is paola and i'm writing from italy..i really love "Take care"....i'd like to know the text of your song..Can you help me?i can't find it in the internet!!!really sad!please help me.my e-mail address is paolettera83@libero.it.......pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!I went to mombasa, i love your country and i think you're a STAR!
kiss paola

8:11 PM  

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