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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Music is ideal for establishing deep emotional connections with an audience; no other media can give you the kind of sensory or emotional attachment that music delivers. It is for this reason that it will be our main vehicle in promoting the Umoja Pamoja message to the youth of our nation. A song and music video featuring select non-partisan artists was premiered at a Campaign Launch on October 9th, 2007. Since then, a series of advertisements has been regularly on all mainstream television and radio stations as well as on print media. The advertisements feature prominent Kenyans declaring that this year they are Getting In Line to educate themselves and vote based on issues during this year's elections. On November 24th, to culminate the media campaign, a "Holding of Hands" will be hosted around the Parliament Building where citizens will literally "get in line" as a unifying gesture. Eachindividual will receive a T- shirt bearing the Umoja Pamoja campaign logo. Following the Parliament event, a concert featuring the Umoja Pamoja artists will be hosted at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. This project is sponsored by Rainmaker Ltd and Coca-Cola, in addition to support from USAID.
The Initiative:This initiative will use music to present a unified patriotism and provide the opportunity for the youth to take charge of their decisions in this year's election. In order for this to happen the youth need to be reminded of the power of their vote and encouraged to make valid choices. We hope to restore a sense of lost patriotism among the youth and remind them that going to the ballot is not an opportunity to just vote in leaders but to vote out the individuals in leadership who are not performing.
Audience Aim:Our target group would be rural and urban youth aged 18-35yrs, from all backgrounds. Reason being, the majority of Kenya's population falls in this demographic. Additionally, over sixty percent of the country's population lives below the poverty line and for this reason they are more vulnerable to be manipulated by politicians to engage in violence.
The ultimate vision of this project: To have a more educated youth peacefully exercise their democratic rights based on issues.
Umoja Pamoja key issues that will be discussed by the artists:
Eric Wainaina- Transparency and Accountability
Suzanna Owiyo- Gender Violence in Social and Political Arenas
Carol Atemi- Ending Tribalism
Sara Mitaru- Informed Voting on Issues
Chizi- Peaceful Elections
Kaz- Education and Enlightenment
Zion Wochman- Better Living Standards
Nyota Ndogo- Better Healthcare
Eric Wainaina: Kora and Kisima Award winner and MOBO nominee singer/ songwriter has gained international acclaim for his entertaining and informative music. His popular songs include: " Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo, Kenya Only and Twende Twende, which features Oliver Mtukudzi.
Suzanna Owiyo: The Songstress from Nyanza province has recorded songs with famous African artists and is synonymous with the track Kisumu 100. She has a large following at home and abroad and has performed severally all over Europe.
Sara Mitaru: Kenya- UK based afro fusion singer/songwriter, well known for her song Woman from Africa. Her Music builds around life love and a need for change in our society today.
Kaz: She is known to millions of television viewers across Africa for the hit TV reality show 'Project Fame'. She recently launched her debut album 'Somin' which was a culmination of years of recording and hard work.
Chizi: Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Architect and business man, Dan 'Chizi' Aceda is undoubtedly on of Kenya's fastest growing Afro Fusion artists. This man of many masks has released his first album 'Suluwe' and is currently working on his second.
Atemi Oyungu: She has been likened to international artists such as Angie Stone and Angelique Kidjo for her powerful and unique vocals, her remarkable song writing skills as well as her stunning stage presence. Her song 'Happy' has received massive airplay since its debut in 2006.
Nyota Ndogo: Our little Star from the Coast Province has moved many with her sweet voice and her coastal ballads. Her popular song "Watu na Viatu" is very well known in Nairobi and Mombasa as well as in other regions.
Zion Wochman: this budding young musician is making his debut on to the music scene with Umoja Pamoja. He is well known as Jah Spokesman from the musical Lwanda- A Ghetto Story.
Neema: She got in to the music industry with a bang when she managed to win a Kora award in 2005. Neema is a beautiful individual with a voice to match. Her gospel ballad ' Jiwe ' has been a source of inspiration for many. She is currently on tour across America.

this is taken from http://www.rainmaker.co.ke/ check it out for latest news about Eric Wainaina and related projects


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