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Sunday, September 09, 2007

BAOBAB FAMILY cd released.Nyota Ndogo recorded the track Yatima for the project

CD Release: Baobab Family & Friends !!The new Sampler Baobab Family & Friends is out now! Best Reggae Music from Germany, France and Kenya!CD Release: Baobab Family & Friends !! It is out now: the looked-for Sampler Baobab Family & Friends is ready for sale! In order to support the Baobab Family, artists from Germany, France and Kenya porvided one song each for us and and there is even one song on this CD recorded especially for the Baobab Family! That gives every colleague and supporter of the Baobab Family heebie-jeebies and we are very happy about this successful and ingenious song, that will be – at least for us – the absolute hit this summer! Thanks a lot to all the artist for this so encouraging and honest song! Apart from that, you can also find on this CD:
01. House of Riddim – Respect 02. Culcha Candela – Give Thanks 03. Dub Incorporation – Survive 04. Sebastian Sturm – Tell them the truth 05. Nattyflo – Strandleben 06. Uwe Banton und Ganjaman – Kommt, seht, hört 07. Jamaram – No place to run to 08. Irie Révoltes – Soleil 09. Mono & Nikitaman – Tausend 10. Hassan J (Baobab Family Heimkind) – Zunguka 11. Jahcoustix – Afreeca 12. Santeria – Zeichen der Zeit 13. Pyro – Jetzt 14. Maxim – Stark sein 15. Sara Lugo – Old Roots Rastaman 16. Nyota Ndogo (Kenya) – Yatima 17. Nosliw – Es ist an der Zeit 18. Mellow Mark – Was geht ab mit der Liebe? 19. Martin Zobel – I know you
The CD costs 15 Euros. The full proceeds of the CD are for the planned childrens home in Homa Bay in the West of Kenya. As the childrens home in Mikindani is only for boys, we want this one especially for girls who have lost their parents and live on the streets. For further information: http://www.baobabfamily.org/Die-naechsten-Ziele.401.0.html?&L=0.
You can now order a Sampler here : www.baobabfamily.org/CDshop-Formular.620.0.html


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