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Thursday, November 02, 2006


.....and the days just fly by...Here i am in Nairobi again,the show coming up is the "FREDOM FEST",rehersals at ERIC WAINAINA's studio the band is tight the show will be hot.I was staying with kina Mike and Joy again my extended family jijini,no Blaze this time seems he's moved out of the PHAT! teem.Anyway i got onto these World Social Forum girls kina NYNKE na RITA " i want to go to these "youth alternatives-youth stuggles"workshops see whats going down au vipi,pia hang out na PROFESSOR JAY,RAY C and the other artists" and thats just what happenin.NONINI rescued me kuhusu getting the "WATU NA VIATU" vidi to the other stations KBC,KTN.Nairobi is still a bit new to me previously MADEBE's domain but i'm in there now mathree and all.Even been getting a new pressing of ma cd "MPENZI" together it will be distributed through SOUND AFRICA pia its now up for sale through AFRIZIKI.com along with my earlier releases.more pix soon