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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Chelwa chelewa kuta mwana.........

aEverything delayed Rahamadan has started and WATU NA VIATU video not yet on air.Ted Josiah such a busy guy these dayz anyway hopefully on monday The Beat (nation tv) will air it!
Have started promoting my own shows now that we have a new hand in the JIKONI MOMBASA set up ERIC B is now my tour manager dates lined up so far are Railway Voi 30th well that was jana i know, 6th Star and Garter Malindi ,10th Kadongo Mishamoroni Mombasa also on the 6th i'll be performing in Mariakani for an Aids awareness event more on that later.Have also been busy writing some new songs and have started taking steps to start my own band ,right now we are 3 ,box guitar,percussion and me.Let me say its kali kaa chonjo!Also Madebe has had me trying out some video ideas for my old songs weve started with Chereko


Blogger Om said...

I love that "Chereko" song ....I've just heard a snip of it on the BBC Radio 3. Is there a way I can get the lyrics in English?

11:55 PM  

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